NWNP: Special Addition - MoW Press Release

Come and listen to a special NWNP.

NWNP was invited to the Mysteries of Westgate Press Release in Beverly Hills CA. I was picked by the guys to go rep for the show. I hope you enjoy the on site interview "Pool side at the Avalon Hotel"

New MoW Screen Shots as well!!



(This thread can be found on the Bouncy Rock forums here: http://forum.bouncyrock.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=150&p=1106#p1106")

Bouncy Rock Entertainment

There's some good news and bad news here, but I think I'll start with the good news.

Starting with the good news. Most of you have probably heard this already, but I have joined the bouncy rock team for work on Misery Stone. I've ran through the module and its areas, and its pretty phenomenal what Jason and Liso have done with the module so far. I'm not going to spoil anything or steal Jason's thunder, but whenever it is released on the Vault, it is going to hit the ground running. The writing is immersive and the mood and setting will just capture you immediately. I've already made a few areas for Misery Stone, and you should be able to see a few of them in the next update.

The downside of this decision is the effect it has on TN. Yes, more delays right? This isn't to say it has been forgotten. After Misery Stone, I have a few extra hands to help me through the weakest points in my module building career. And to clarify, Thayvian Nights is not the next project for Bouncy Rock Entertainment. It is and still remains a side project of mine.

What ends up consuming most of my time is bug fixes for cutscenes (which everyone learns to hate them) and writing lots and lots of dialogue for a scene you really want to get past. For me, its getting past the Aragaard mines you start off in. I have been overzealous with expanding on it. 7 areas total I have to fill with dialogue and quests, except for one. I've got 4 of the 7 fully complete. And the other three are close to being finished.

And on another note, have any of you guys heard of RSS Feeds? I've just recently learned what these are and started to use them to keep tabs on everyone's blogs. I haven't been able to decipher the cryptic code for adding an RSS Feed to my blog, so you can keep tabs on everyone's blog from my blog. An RSS Feed is basically something you can subscribe to to gather data from a site without having to go there. I'm sure you guys have seen the small orange icon with a sound wave being emitting to the upper right hand corner? You can click on that, which should appear in the URL box of any blog on blogspot. Doing that, will add an RSS Feed to your toolbar (except for IE, which it slaps it somewhere. Don't ask where. IE sucks! [yes, Hugie - it does! :) ])

And a little real life news as well. I'll be taking courses all summer and through Fall to get the very useless A.S. degree, so that I can finally go back to a university where I rightfully belong. This little game of ping pong between which college I go to is getting rather annoying. After high school, I went to a horrible university and dropped out of there and went to a local community college. Well, their little games with changing their classes around and not offering the courses I needed in a timely manner, forced me to go to the second local college (which is a 1-hour drive), which is where I am at now.

If any of you can believe this or not, I had a rather miraculous change in my major as well, which is one of the factors of my leaving the university. The others were way too expensive ($32,000 a year) and just a horrible experience. I couldn't name one thing good about that school. I originally was going for English, which I have absolute no idea what for. After taking a few rather boring courses in it, I decided it was not for me, and I switched to Computer Engineering. Most people don't jump from an Art degree to a science degree, but I am really adept in mathematics and calculus. The only part of my major I don't like is having to take Physics courses. Have any of you ever had to take Physics? Do you know how ridiculously hard it is? It is absolutely insane! And the teacher I had was absolutely lousy. What kind of teacher doesn't have office hours or gets upset when you have questions (and when he does ask if we have questions, he doesn't pause before he moves on to the next subject).

Anyways! Enough ranting about college, right? This post turned out to be longer than what I thought it would be. I'll keep this blog updated probably every other week. I'll notify you on the Bouncy Rock forums when I resume the progress for TN. Oh, and I'll be writing some of those tutorials in my spare time as well. I'd make a video for the Terrain and Texturing, but unfortunately, my internet would take a million years to upload. Already takes 4 minutes to load NWVault, and IGN has never been ones to have efficient webpages.