Power Surges + Corruption

Beware: Just a rant.

As some of you may know, the southeastern states got hit pretty hard with a storm passing by. Couple of tornadoes to cause all sorts of havoc. Not as bad as what dirtywick had to go through, but enough to annoy a person with power outages. I've been through far worse (Hurricane Frances and Jeanne anyone? Which power was out for a whole week), but I was hoping to work on TN. What was particularly annoying about this power outage was the awful noises that came with it. Do any of you own a surge protector? Whoever had the bright idea of having them make so much noise whenever they're on battery back-up should've been shot. And the worst part, it never died! (Which btw, my computer doesn't have a surge protector, someone else's did - thus no work on TN). I wanted to tear that thing out and throw it out the window so bad :) . Combined with a long day at college and a 3 hr power outage, I didn't get anything done. Well, as it would turn out - it went backwards.

Power surge crashed my comp and corrupted an area where I applied a days worth of fixes. Luckily, I use SVN so I have back-up copies of everything. Although, I do have to go through the tedious process of applying those fixes again, but I'll manage... hopefully. Could've been much worse. Imagine if I didn't use SVN and I worked in module mode. Then my whole mod would have been corrupt with no backups.

I know alot of people don't really see the difference between directory mode and modular mode, but in this case, thank god for directory mode :) Not to mention, its ideal when using SVN or working in teams.

PS. Title is kind of deceiving. Made it sound much worse than it actually was. ;)

Sorry for the rant :)



February 26, 2008 at 7:51 PM

I have a battery back up. And it is indeed noisy when the power goes out. Although. mine has a nifty switch that shuts the noises off. :)

Sorry you had such nasty weather to deal with. Rant away! Every one needs a little rant once in a while :)