Small update

I've been working on a small cutscene today that more or less wraps up one small sidequest. I still have a few quirks with it, like the unequiping isn't working like it should, and there's something funky going on with the FadeFromBlack and FadeToBlack lines. When the fading is on a line with a text node it seems to pause until the fading is done and then display the text. I was hoping for "at the same time" kind of deal.

Other than that only two more major things to do, and that segment would be complete. All considering, TN Chpt 1 isn't that far from being finished I would have to say. There are still some nuances showing up (i.e. A door not firing a random roll conversation every once in awhile - click again and it usually works), but nothing game-breaking. I have to get the slaves to move their lazy butts through the mines, and TonyK's AI should no longer be an issue.

Speaking of AI, I sure hope TonyK did something about using spells wisely. I told you guys about Krahz'gorr before. So, he's a Spirit Shaman and often a very lousy one at that, least until you possess him and work with him. The AI makes him such a dunce. He used to have Entangle, and he'd spam that annoying spell every time he saw an enemy. So, I had to remove that :) And as it would seem, I have to remove yet another spell. Whenever I ask him to heal me, he just casts Lesser Vigor on me instead of Cure Light Wounds. Is he a lousy companion or what?

Unfortunately this will be the last weekend I can work on TN until May 1, which is when all of my assignments will finally be out of the way. After that I'll have plenty of time! :)

A small complimentary screenshot this time:



April 12, 2008 at 7:06 PM

As you can probably tell already. My dialogue writing skills aren't that spectacular. It's only with descriptive narratives that I seem to be any good at.


April 13, 2008 at 9:36 AM

I think your dialog is just fine :) looking forward to this module. I hope your last month in Uni is not to chaotic. :) I'll be looking forward to you returning to the module.

Good luck!