Poll #1 Results:

2 Posts Today: Poll and Spring Break (Surague Escarpment area as well)

Long overdue here, but here they are:

How long do you, as a player, prefer the length of the module to be in hours?
<1 hour: 0
1-2 hours: 0
2-3 hours: 3 (25%)
4-5 hours: 6 (50%)
6+ hours: 3 (25%)

So, it would seem most people would, on average, prefer a 4-5 hour long module (I assume they chose that because of how long it takes to create 6+ hour long modules). The bad news is that TN - Chapter I fell around 3 hours. I added a side quest that might extend it to 4, depending on your gameplay. I'm also concentrating on getting some of the events for the bounty hunter camp into the Chapter I release (it's consider Chpt II content), like the Brawling matches you can participate in.

Oh, and don't forget to read the post below. It's the longest and the better one.