Surague Escarpment Pre-Download

I was wanting some comments and critiques from you guys before I send off to the vault, so I've uploaded the area to the server. The pics with it are what will be displayed as the images. And don't hold back too much. No one ever said I wasn't ruthless with any one else's areas. :)

Once I get sufficient amount of comments, I'll put it up to the vault. The Day/Night settings will come with two sets. The bloom enhanced and the regular (regular not included above).



March 20, 2008 at 6:49 AM

well, I've had a look in agame and in toolset and it is pretty amazing - the best area i've seen in terms of size and scope for climbing from the valley floor to the snowy peaks. Really nice feel of exploration too.

Re. the bloom - to be honest, I felt it was a little too much on the blur radius - felt a little too softened. But that feel a little nit-picky. If I had to pick out other comments, maybe some of the expanses of beige texture needed breakign up a little

But I can;t really fault the area much. Great job.


March 20, 2008 at 8:20 AM

The beige texture I presume you're talking about is Dirt_13?

And like I said the area will ship with both bloom and the regular settings in its place. I have two other guys that like that kind of thing, so you know where that came from. I'll probably end up putting the non-bloom ones in by default to prevent people from voting down 2 points on something so minor and easy to fix.


March 20, 2008 at 2:58 PM

Downloaded and will check it out tonight. I've been blazing on dialog today!
I know I won't offer much of a technical feedback for you. But you will at least get player perspective from me :)



March 21, 2008 at 1:03 PM

Ok. My honest opinions

Over all area looks good.

Geyser's should be on a timer "imo" To have that natural geyser behavior

The water effect in the upper trails has an odd blue'ish effect that doesn't seem to fit.

Trees, all look like the same color bark. The diversity is missing

Higher up when it starts snowing. Heavily bright snow covered rocks seem out of place, as there is no other snow on the path, grass etc.

The over all haziness is a bit over done. It got a little hard on the eyes after a bit.

I really liked the over all path into the mountain.

This is just an opinion :) For whatever it's worth.



March 21, 2008 at 1:52 PM

Obsidian didn't want any scripts so I didn't include the geyser timer, but its in my actual module already :) Along with that, the Water Reflection lights are turned off during the day with my light system. They're meant to be a night-time reflection of the moon for a majestic feel.

The trees... I usually don't look at bark as it can only be 3 colors: Brown, Grey or White. I was looking at the color of the leaves for diversity. I could use the Pine Leaf tree cluster instead of the Aspen. It has a darker wood than Aspen. Honey Locust also has a darker bark, but then I wouldn't have any yellow leaves around.

The last two are about bloom, which isn't related to the Bloom Blur Radius at all actually. Its rather odd that it becomes blurrier due to a combination of other settings. If you were set the Bloom Blur Radius to 0 or 10, it becomes so blurry, it really hurts the eyes. Which makes no sense at all why 6 would less blurry on both of them. So, with all honesty, you have to forfeit the brightness of the sky just to get rid of it.

Obsidian didn't seem to incorporate a very good bloom system, which is probably one of the reasons they never use it.

But thanks for the comments, Liso.